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Early Lung Screening

Lung cancer is the most diagnosed cancer worldwide. In Singapore, it is also the most common cause of cancer death in males and 2nd in females.

An early lung cancer screening allows for the detection and diagnosis of early-stage lung growth, which can result in as high as an 80% chance of a cure for lung cancer. Early detection also entails more treatment options and better outcomes. The patient may also be eligible for a minimally invasive surgical procedure — which means a faster recovery and shorter hospital stay.

Lung Cancer Screening Package includes:

Pre-screening Consultation with Thoracic Surgeon

An in-depth consultation with Dr. Aneez, a Cardiothoracic surgeon in Singapore to discuss your concerns and what to expect for the screening procedure.

Low-Dose CT Scan

Low-dose computed tomography (low-dose CT scan) is a newer form of CT scan that continuously rotates in a spiral motion and takes several 3-dimensional x-rays of the lungs.

These scans are very detailed and can show early-stage lung nodules that may be too small to be detected by a traditional x-ray. The smaller the tumour is when discovered, the less likely the cancer has spread. This means more treatment options and a higher chance of cure.

A low-dose CT scan is quick and painless; it only takes 1 minute. There is no injection, no dyes and no oral pills required.

Lung Function Test

Also known as a pulmonary function test, this non-invasive test helps assess how well your lungs are working, including lung capacity and how

Report with Specialist Review & Recommendation

A comprehensive review with Thoracic Surgeon Dr Aneez Ahmed, together with a report, his recommendations and a treatment plan if necessary.

Price: $888 (Before GST)

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-screening Consultation with Thoracic Surgeon

Lung cancer, when caught in its early stages, is curable. For patients who have small, early-stage cancer, the cure rate can be as high as 80-90%. These rates drop as the cancer progresses and involves lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

Who should go for lung cancer screening?

People who are at high risk of lung cancer are recommended to go for a screening. Some factors include:

  • Smokers
  • Former smokers who quit in the last 15 years
  • Individuals with exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Individuals with a family history of lung cancer
  • Individuals aged 55 and above
  • Individuals with a history of lung cancer
  • Individuals who have other risk factors for lung cancer, such as COPD
  • Individuals who are exposed to air pollutants

How accurate is lung cancer screening?

Studies have shown that lung cancer screening finds 80% of lung cancer in its early stages. This is in contrast to 70% of lung cancers found without screening, and are in their later stages when symptoms are experienced.

Is lung cancer screening painful?

No, these tests are painless and minimally invasive, and you are kept as comfortable as possible throughout the tests.

How long does a lung cancer screening take?

It should take no more than an hour or two, and can be done on the same day. An appointment will be scheduled for you for a comprehensive review with Dr Aneez once the test results are received.

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